Life After The Ascension

by Control Divide

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THE James
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THE James Ant proves yet again, that music so much more than sound, it's emotion. I've been a fan of this guy for years, and he consistently gives us his all. These songs are top notch! Favorite track: New Age Cynicism.
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Aaron Ant Mas has been a person I have talked to off and on for years. I appreciate his music because it's honest and it hits home. It has gotten me through many tough times in my life. So for that I thank you. Favorite track: Life After The Ascension.
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released January 31, 2017

Ant Mas - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Piano, Programming, Drums, Percussion
Matt Capobianco - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Artwork by Ant Mas

Recorded at The Oratorium
Engineered, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Ant Mas

Written by Control Divide

PRS Mccarty
Fender Squier Telecaster
Fender Blacktop Baritone Telecaster
Fender Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI
Ovation Acoustic
Fibes Kick
PDP Snare
Slingerland Toms
Sabian + Paiste Cymbals

D'Addario strings



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Control Divide Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Chase
Chasing away all of the thoughts of yesterday
This is not my choice but here i’ll have to stay
Where a light is found;
Upon solid ground;
Destiny has played the victim perfectly
In the wrong place
Stuck with all the right plays
I’m in debt with fate and I’ve tempted over and over again
Every move that we make
Comes round and circles
In this circus

...And I swear I can’t remember the last time
You dug a hole this deep
You crawl inside of me
And take my sanity

Wishing away
All the best of my days
But for my future’s sake
I need to medicate
When there’s no remedy
And nothing can replace
Look to the other side for that saving grace
If my strings should happen to separate
Don’t turn your back to the stage
Just shine the spotlight on my face
And find me the strength to hold on
To every faded dream that I ever let go of

....And I swear I can’t remember the last time
You dug a hole this deep
You crawl inside of me
And take my sanity
....And I swear the custom fit to your pastime is
The art of deceit
With every breath I take
I lose the will to break

And all the shiftless replay their sordid misery
As all the cycles converge I’m ready for
The chance to be the first one standing up to defeat
and one day they’ll see the superhero in me

...And I swear I can’t remember the last time
You dug a hole this deep
You crawl inside of me
And take my sanity
...And I swear that this time is the last time
You get the best of me
So come anxiety
Take your best shot at me
Track Name: Today, Tomorrow Looks More Like Yesterday
You say you pray to stop the voices
But still the madness runs wild
When common sense becomes senseless
And imagination’s on trial
Fear, it resonates
The latest of styles
We take more than we came to take
We celebrate
Our pessimistic pride

Every choice has its price
And we pay for freedom
Without thinking twice
The everlasting struggle to survive
Everyone needs a break from the hustle
We’re all in this together

You say that you need forgiveness
and I say you’re out of your mind
When hopelessness becomes sickness
There’s always solace here to find
And I refuse to bare witness
To the hunt of the killing kind
While yesterday is gone
Tomorrow will live on

Every single choice that we make has its price
And we pay for our freedom without thinking twice
This is the everlasting struggle to survive
Everyone deserves a break from reality

Yesterday is gone but tomorrow will live on

One day happy for heaven's sake

We're all in this together
So let's make it feel like home
Track Name: Glowstick
Some days just speed by so fast
You’ll never leave your mark by just complaining or settling
Without translation
Communication suffers
These wary daydreams
Take on lives all their own

Slow down
Move quick
Understand but don’t think
You’ll never know what you’re missing
Until you blink
Hold tight, let go
These thoughts are artificial
How bittersweet these chemicals taste
When you’re lovesick

I dropped my guard
I let you see
The weakness that hides beneath the surface
Cut wide open

The summer heat makes winter weep
This is the company we keep
The black sheep waits all alone
While the doctor's prep for surgery
To redefine
My cause is asymmetry
So much imperfect beauty
Waiting for us to see

I dropped my guard
So you could see
How flawlessly imperfect I can be
You cut the life right outta me

You were my everything
I loved you more than you will ever know
Track Name: Life After The Ascension
We tell ourselves nothing compares
We’re never satisfied and nothing’s ever fair
This whole system’s breaking through the atmosphere and we’re gasping for air

Resetting wrong
We take the fall
This leap of faith’s got us up against the wall
Revenge will only go so far
Salvation’s calling

Broken inside
The fear and rage unfurls
So open your eyes
To the bright side that you deserve
It takes time for the open wound to heal
It takes an open mind for one to steal
It takes a lifetime to perfect the art
That moment of glory

We set the walls up to defend
But we end up tearing them down again
When we fall in love
They break our hearts
And We feel so small when we’ve come so far
As darkness falls upon the lens
The still picture fights to make amends
A flawless start to a bitter end
We transcend, and we ascend
And we accept the bitter end
So let us go

Pound for pound
The bell sounds another round
Emotions flow out
The take down
What’s golden sells

Hypnotized by every flashing light
Is it worth the price we pay for eternal fame?
Adoration’s the name of the game
Advertisement shapes the passing flame
It’s better to go out in a blaze than to fade
We’ll never fade

They said it all
So what’s the point
Of letting it get to your head?
We’ve heard it all before
And this right here is the calm before the storm
When I return I’ll take the crown
There’s nothing that can stop me now
That’s life living on the edge
In the end I will ascend

I will ascend
Track Name: Abyss
Stay right here with me
If I start to bleed
and I can’t breathe
Don’t try to leave me
Degeneration of my soul it seems
I’m in too deep
I can’t sleep

Don't let go
Of the balloon
Just drift away
Cos you’ve been beaten down for way too long
Welcome your brand new identity

Ahead of the curve
Black the prosaic beat
Oscillating varied speeds
Recalibrating tranquility
These days beauty revolves ‘round the strange
And the same shapes don’t fit in
To be one with the herd
Is to be sophisticated, pure
I’d rather be the fish out of water

So don’t let go of the balloon
Just drift away
Cos you’ve been running now for way too long
Welcome your brand new identity

To all of those feeling resentment and spite
I’m buried alive by the blindside
Shackled to normalcy’s peace of mind
And oh how the stoic fall victim to pride
While the downtrodden fill us with insight
These angels and demons take sides
I’m caught in the middle
Track Name: New Age Cynicism
Racing heart
and sweaty palms
Collapsing lungs
I cannot bare another rejection
Why does everything I say always come out wrong?
With every disillusion
I grow into an apathetic wretch
Misery tries to escape, but the key’s thrown away, forever locked inside my chest

I wish I had the common sense and confidence to be the imaginary me
I’m out of breath and on the ledge
But it’s no emergency
Spread the lies, criticize and repeat

Back at the start
After the loss
The many lines I’ve crossed
I can’t begin to repair all the damage that I've done
From here to oblivion
To be naive and impaired
We are the misguided youth
This beautiful depression makes us move

I wish I had the common sense and confidence to be the imaginary me
I’m out of breath and on the ledge
But it’s no emergency
Spread the lies, criticize and repeat

Me myself and I
We gotta realize
That nothing changes if nothing changes
And it’s no surprise
I’m never satisfied
I need to get on with my life
And cut the ties that bind
It’s time to start living it right